Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday the 13th

Nothing bad happened today!

We did the install on the Smith's Creamery Sign and it went extremely smoothly. Considering the date, I expected that we would drop the sign face-down on Main St., but it went up no problem and we didn't get even a pinched finger, or splinter, or anything. I even tried walking under the ladder a few times. Nothing!

On the way back from the install, I veered into oncoming traffic on a busy stretch of road, but everyone just got right out of my way.

Got back to the shop, got a few nice approvals on jobs, and some checks in the mail. Worked on a few projects, and everything worked out perfectly. Colors looked good, paint dried as it should, computers didn't crash, all my machines worked flawlessly.

NOTE: OK, so I did forget to take pictures of the Smith's install, but that is not really "bad luck". I was looking for a safe or piano to fall on me all day.

The signs below just got a last coat of maroon and they are going to The Mountain Club on Loon on Monday. They are carved in Ash which is a wood that I wish we got to work with more often.

I'll try to post another pic of them once the paint-mask gets peeled off