Monday, August 16, 2004


We have just begun to work on a 2 sided, carved sign for a local bank here in the White Mountains, and I thought it might be interesting to capture the entire process from start to finish. Many of our customers are surprised when we tell them that the typical turn-around time for a sign like this is 4-6 weeks, but many times they do not realize all of the steps a sign needs to go through before we can even think about getting around to painting it.

When we see something like the picture below in the woodshop, it is a good sign that a sign is getting ready to be born. The 6" boards below are Western Red Cedar (A Grade Wood) that have been trimmed along their lengths, and have had "notches" cut in several positions along their sides to allow us to place wood biscuits in the notches. (If you click on the picture and take a close look, you can see them). These biscuits will allow us to put two boards together and help us to get them perfectly aligned to one another.

The next step in the process will be gluing all of these boards together so that we end up with a large "board" that will eventually become our sign, but since getting these boards already took most of the day, glue-up will need to wait until tomorrow.

By the way...

Here is how those Ash signs look once the paint mask has been removed