Friday, August 20, 2004


Today was the day that we went ahead and did the carving on both sides of the sign, and everything went just as planned as you can see from the above photo. We do the majority of our carving with a CNC Router. We program the machine what we want it to do and it generally does it flawlessly (but has been known to surprise us from time-to-time)

As you can imagine, there is a lot of careful math and planning just before turning the machine loose on a very expensive piece of wood, and I can tell you that we are as careful doing our math as the guys at NASA were sending men to the moon. There is not worse way to end your week than seeing a machine do something it is not supposed to do in a very dramatic and irreversible way. Both Lee and I always sweat bullets as the machine makes its first pass into the wood.

But as I said, everything went according to plan with this operation and we are on to the next step in the program...

By the way, any guesses who the sign is for?

OK, so it is Friday, by the way, and we live in the White Mountains. I am going to round the family up to go on hike.