Monday, August 30, 2004


No pictures of the project today, it has just started raining here and the prospect of dashing through the rain at the end of the day is one which I am not willing to entertain. (Our woodshop building is seperate from the main shop, so there is about a 10 ft distance from door to door, and yes, I will melt if I get wet)

This project is for Woodsville Guaranty Bank and it is coming along very well. Lee has completed the cutting of the shape and the finishing of the edges, and he also has cut a v-carve border with a hand router (which will be gold leafed in the finished product). I am hoping that we will get the raised dimensional elements glued onto the blank today, and then we can transfer the sign into the paintshop and start hitting it with paint.

We had alot of materials come in today, (heavy, large, and difficult to carry materials) and luckily I picked the hottest and most humid day we have had all summer for them to arrive. By the time Lee and I had finished putting everything away it looked like we had both fallen into the deep end of the pool. We have limited floorspace for materials so it takes alot of "creative stowing" to find a home for everything. Some stuff is still not "out of the way" but I am hoping it gets a little smaller by the end of the week and I will take another look at it then.

I thick I see an outdoor material storage cabinet in our future...