Sunday, August 22, 2004

Take a hike

We did get a chance to go out for a hike today. A old friend from Allegheny College is visiting us and we dragged her up one side of a mountain and down the other; I think she enjoyed it. The highpoint of the hike was when Vicki slipped on a wooden bridge and got a boot full of muck. Everyone thought that was very, very funny; except perhaps, Vicki; and her boot.

I unfortunately do not have any pictures of that which is unfortunate, but with good reason.

#1: Up to now, having this blog has been "a good idea" as far as Vicki is concerned. Mentioning this event will tip it towards the "bad idea" category. A picture of Vicki's leg covered in muck would push it over the cliff.

#2: Vicki is the one who packs snacks to take on the hike. I like snacks

#3: Vicki is my wife and I care for her deeply

#4: I was not fast enough with the camera


The hike was on the Artist's Trail for you outdoors-types. The picture above is of Cannon Mountain. The picture below is some other mountain (I have a hard time remembering the name of a mountain unless it has a really strong marketing plan).

In you take this hike, beware the Short-Circuit trail. Especially the 4th wooden plank on the bridge approaching from the east side.