Friday, August 27, 2004

TGIF - but I am probably going to end up working all weekend anyway...

Today was a good day, a busy day, but a good day.

Fridays generally are always busy. The big day to finish up some projects and get that which needs to be installed, installed. Lee was out doing installs for the entire day. Chris and I were lettering the train that you see below at the Hobo Railroad. We were able to complete the first side today, and we will be back next week to complete side #2 and letter two other cars that are waiting for us.

Later in the afternoon I returned to the office and made an effort to wade through the scrapheap that recently has been my desk. Worked on a few sketches, did a quote or two, and decided how we are going to attack what next week has in store for us.

One of the signs Lee installed today was a new sign for The Deacon's Bench Furniture Store which is opening a new location in North Conway (they already have a store in Littleton). They have been great to work with and I wish them best of luck with the new store.