Friday, August 20, 2004

Yes, I am well trained...

Spent the afternoon measuring trains. We do alot of work for the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln which I enjoy immensely, as it is always one of those "nice break from the routine" types of endeavors whenever we do a job for them. My kids, of course, think I am a hero because of this and I don't think being the guy who letters the space shuttle would be as large in their eyes. I, of course, always get a complete debriefing from the kids after any train work:

"Did you get to ride on the train?" No
"Did you get to see one move?" NO
"Did you get to make the whistle blow?" No. I did hear a car horn however, and I saw a guy drop a wrench

No pictures from the Hobo today. Next week we are going to be out there doing some work and I will try to get some shots.


I was at the dentist today. That might not sound like a good way to spend the morning, but coming from a guy that usually works 14-16 hour days, having someone pick around my mouth with a sharp metal instrument was like going to a spa. I got to lean back in a nice reclining chair, listen to music, and I did not have to think about anything more complex than the concept that I should perhaps be brushing better considering the amount of effort that the Hygenist needed to get all the gunk off my teeth. Did you know that you are supposed to brush EVERY day? (They actually claim twice a day, but I think they were pulling my leg). I specifically remember from health class in High School, the rule of thumb was once a week if possible. Is everyone else out there brushing EVERY DAY? Seems a little excessive to me.


Here is a sign that we completed back in late June. This was another big team effort, and was one of the first major signs were did after Vicki and I started running the business. Lee did all of the framing and build out of the structure and he did a phenomenal job getting everything to fit together. This is the job that Vicki discovered that she really likes hand lettering, as she did much of the finish painting work, and she also did most of the gold leafing. Rick gave me a hand with the carving and some airbrush pointers, and Chris pitched in all-around. The majority of what I did was the boring painting stuff. Two coats white primer, and then, 3 coats white paint: Wah Hoo! I almost went snowblind that weekend.

NOTE: Lincoln Sign company did the top InnSeason panel of the sign and the structure. The Fratello's sign and changeable copy board were supplied by another vendor.