Saturday, September 04, 2004

Big plans for the weekend

Is it Memorial Day or Labor Day this weekend? I have no idea, I can never quite keep those two holiday's straight.

Going to try to work a minimal amount of time this weekend (except for Monday where I am planning to put a full day in). That is the difficulty with having a company that is attached to your house, you can never quite get away from it, but of course there are a lot of advantages to it too. My commute is approximately 1.67 seconds.

List for this weekend (Saturday and Sunday):

- Need to deal with the house computer (it is not behaving itself as of late and has decided it has no desire to run quickbooks over the network)
- I have some trim to put in the upstairs bathroom - (this will take hours and involve a lot of swearing)
- Vicki would like me to help her clean out the garden shed (I will hide when this starts, or fake a leg injury)
- We are going on a hike to Indian Head
- There is FREE ICE CREAM at Loon Mountain this weekend FREE! (we may do this twice)
- We are, of course, doing the obligatory "burgers on the grill" thing
- currently reading another vapid (is that a word? Does it mean what I think it means? Please let me know) Dirk Pitt adventure novel

also, Ed and Barb (riding out the hurricane in Orlando)

Take care and we hope you stay safe. We are all thinking of you. Don't do anything silly.

Oh, and everyone else in Florida - quit it with the buying of the plywood, you are driving the price up.