Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Business After Hours at Windy Ridge Orchard

Our local Chamber of Commerce has events called "Business After Hours" about every month and this is the first one that we have gone to since we moved north. Kids were welcome to this one, so it was a great after work activity for everyone, plus we needed the apples. We were at Windy Ridge Orchards in North Haverhill, NH and had the best apple-picking, hayride-going, goat-petting, pumpkin-selecting time possible. It was a very good time and we got to see a lot of the people we know from local businesses in town (which is the point).

Highlight of the evening? We won a dozen donuts and a Christmas Tree in the raffle. Vicki claims that the Christmas Tree is the good prize, but oh how I disagree!

By the way, an apple eaten right off the tree is always ten times better than you imagine, and I really don't like apples all that much. Can't really say the same for the pumpkins however, as I still have not developed a taste for raw pumpkin.