Saturday, September 18, 2004

Don't worry, you'll be fine...

This afternoon the family and I watched an episode of "The New Yankee Workshop" together. I have seen the show many, many times, but it is a far different thing to watch the show knowing that you are soon to be the subject matter at hand.

The project they were working on in this particular episode was a Cigar Chair, and Norm Abram has the ability to make all tasks look confidently effortless. His processes are smooth, and he presents everything in a very precise, relaxed, step-by-step manner. Much different from the improvisational method we usually employ, as each sign we make is so different from the last, and most of the "techniques" we use to create them are very much "on-the-fly".

During this episode, he visited a well known chair maker in North Carolina which I think gave me a good taste of how their visit to Lincoln Sign will be presented during the show. The chair maker probably had a 100,000 square foot plant all of which was spotless to the point you could have done kidney transplants on the factory floor (TO DO: must remember to sweep the shop). Everyone was extremely well dressed (TO DO: wear the shirt without the holes) and there had to be about 80 employees scurrying around throughout the visit.

Oh, and they had technology that they had makes our equipment look like it belongs in a museum. (I am pretty sure that at one point he showed norm a fabric cutter that uses a laser to cut the fabric at the molecular level, and was power by an in-plant, fusion reactor) In any event, I am at least secure in knowing that we all love what we do and have immense satisfaction in out chosen careers on a daily basis. (The people in the North Carolina factory all looked as happy as clams as well, riding around on their hovercraft)

Well, I am really not all that worried. During his visit, Russ put me remarkably at ease, and I am very much looking forward to their visit.

Now I am going to go and see if I can quickly build an army of 800 signbuilding robots before next Monday.