Saturday, September 25, 2004

The family that paints together, stays together

Here was the Friday evening activity for all of us, painting together in the shop. Vicki is working on Gold Leafing the carved sign for Lunenberg School in VT and then that job is completed!

Ben and Connor are having a good time just painting this and that with watercolors. While all this was going on, I was playing "router wrangler" and finishing up some stuff that we are carving for the CT River Bank project.

Late on Friday I went to an appointment with a prospective customer to discuss her sign project, and it was a really great experience. It is sometimes difficult to determine what it is a customer wants out of their sign, and it is something we work very hard to find out and deliver on here. After, a lot of discussion, and many design proposals and sketches flying back and forth, she just came out and said it, "I don't just want a sign, I want art! I want it to make me feel a certain way about this business"

That really brought a smile to my face. The challenge of the sign business, is that 80% of our customers see a sign as a "need", not as something they necessarily "want", even though it will have a tremendous impact on their business. I have to be careful during the sales process not to try to get them into a project that is too far beyond their budget or desire. It is fantastic when a customer tells me, "I am looking for something extraordinary". It is a huge weight off my shoulders, and allows me to create, rather than just "make a sign".

Once this lock was opened, I was able to come up with a great idea she liked, and I will be working on this design project in the coming week.