Friday, September 17, 2004

I think winter may be coming

We heat with wood here, both in the house and in the shop. (Yes, I know, how very "Little House on the Prairie") . When I come into the shop office early in the morning, the last few mornings I have been tempted to quickly start a fire, as it has been a bit chilly, but I am forcing myself to suffer through it a bit. The first fire in the shop is such an obvious signal of the winter season coming, that I have no desire to give it the satisfaction. I realize I will only be able to tough it out for a few more days, and I will surrender as the mercury steadily drops, but a want to eke out a few more warm days of summer if possible.

The plan for after work today is to go Apple Picking with the kids. I swear, that is going to be the Friday night activity for us... Apple picking! I will be sure to post a complete report with extensive photos ASAP!

Heating with wood and apple picking... Where's my flintlock? I'm gonna go and shoot me a bear!

Well, gotta go milk the cow