Monday, September 13, 2004

Irish Cottage sign in for a check-up

Here is Vicki working on two signs for Collin's Pumpkin farm. The background painting is just about complete as of this photo, and the plan is for us to start lettering the tomorrow. The "crazy" white shape build-out at the bottom of the sign will become a pumpkin patch and cat.

This is a sign that was completed back in 1999 for a homeowner here in Lincoln and is an excellent example that signs are not just for businesses. We commonly do "house signs" for people, and we can do something from $50.00 on up. This would be an example of the "UP" end of the spectrum. This is 23k Gold Leaf, carved, and the snow is a 3D built out shape to boot!

The homeowner wanted us to give it the once over and see if anything needs to be touched up. After 5 years outside, the only thing that needs some attention is the snow. We are going to clean, reprime, and give it a fresh coat of paint.