Tuesday, September 21, 2004

More show prep

Had quite a bit to do today in regards to The New Yankee Workshop coming here to film on Monday. Russ had requested that I put together some press releases and make the filming known to the local media so they would have the opportunity to cover it if they were interested. With the hundreds of other details I had to deal with, I farmed this out to a local marketing person and we met for awhile on the phone today discussing the press release copy and which papers and TV news stations she was talking to about the event.

Talked to Gordon Bergfors who is the VP of Product Development at ShopBot Tools (which is the CNC router that we use) and he is going to be coming out to the shoot just to make sure everything goes well with the equipment. I called them as soon as I found out about the definite recording date. We have never had an problems with our router not working properly, but I am a big believer in Murphy's Law, and I want to have all of my bases covered. Gordon is planning on flying in on Sunday evening.

Also sat down with everyone in the shop and went over the schedule for Monday and wanted to see if anyone could think of anything we might have not thought of. Lee did remind me that we need to make sure that we have gas and motor oil for the air compressor we use for sandblasting (which I had not thought of, so I was glad we took the time to sit down and go over everything).

Everyone if very cool and calm about Monday, as if we have film crews in here on a semi-regular basis, and it reassures me to have such a cool-headed group of people working with me.