Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Project of the Month Day ???

The Woodsville Guaranty Bank sign is starting to get lettered. (This actually started a few days ago). Vicki is actually the one who gets to do most of the lettering currently, mostly because she claims to enjoy it, and it is a little too tedious and exacting for my tastes (although I will do it if required). I will generally do anything that has a keyboard attached, but unless it has a button I can push, it is tough to get me moving sometimes.

That is really the importance of having a good "team", and we have a great team here at Lincoln Signs.

Lee Lamontagne is our master woodworker, and he is the best in the business.
Vicki has the natural art skill that we need for fine painting and she does the bookkeeping.
Chris Weissbrod has done it all and can do it all.
and Rick Weissbrod is our master woodcarver.

"Team" - very important.

Oh, what do I do? I'm not exactly sure, I think everyone else has it so well covered. I might just be a "spare" or something.