Monday, September 20, 2004

Show Prep

to: Russell Morash
from: J.D.

9-20-04 @ 4:35am

RE: e-mail in regards to prep for the show

Here is a summary of the projects I am planning to have "at the ready" for filming.

Gold Leafing - either Vicki or Chris Weissbrod will be able to demonstrate the gold leafing process on the Lunenberg School sign. After the application of the gold sizing, it will be ready to gold leaf in about 2 hrs.

Hand Lettering - If a general discussion about a carved-wooden sign is going to occur, it would make the most sense for it to focus on the large Woodsville Guaranty sign we currently have in the shop. (The one with the dimensional compass build out) Vicki or Chris could be lettering it as we discuss it

Sandblasting - We have a large 44" x 95" oval sign that will be ready for blasting that day. We can have Lee talk about how he applies the "sandblast mask" to the areas where we do not want the woodgrain exposed, and the he can take to sign out to the shed to blast.

We can talk about what sandblasting is and does by looking at some of the examples on the walls

3D relief carving by hand - Rick or Lee can demonstrate carving the Mountain Scene that will be laminated onto the sandblasted sign. We can then place the finished piece onto the sandblasted oval to give viewers an idea of what the finished sign will look like

CNC Carving with the computerized router - I have a large oval sign to carve for another local bank - this will actually be carved, not in wood, but a material called High Density Urethane, a specialized plastic for the sign industry. I think Norm and the viewers would find a discussion of this material interesting (it is also that material that will be used for the 3D relief carving)

Glue Up - Would you like us to do a quick glue-up using West-Bond so we can discuss it on camera? It really is "the" glue to use and I think the viewership should be made aware of it

Hand Router Carve Technique - The is what Rick will be showing you. I am planning to have him do a oval house number sign I plan on donating to the local library (Yes, we do shapes other than ovals, ovals are very popular)

Two other interesting things I could show - I could produce computer printed graphics on my digital printer and then cut them on the plotter and apply the vinyl to a wooden sign. I think that would be interesting for Norm to see as well, I can guarantee he has never seem anything like it. It is not an ink process, but it is a thermal heat-transfer process (I should have made more of a point to show that to you Russ.)

Other arrangements I will be making:

Will have sandwiches catered in. Will tell them to plan to serve at 12:30pm unless specified as other by you. Will instruct to have sandwiches for 15 people - you are bringing (5 people?), we will have (5 people & 2 small boys), there may be some reporters, and misc others

I have contacted the manufacturer of the computerized router, and they are currently seeing if they can have someone on-site here that day. (They are out of North Carolina) - We have never had any problems with our machine, but I want everything to go well and they are willing to send a tech rep at no cost to anyone

I am going to borrow or rent a "back-up" air compressor for the sandblasting segment. Our compressor likes to play tricks, and again, covering the bases

Please let me know if you need information about rooms in the area, is anyone is planning to stay overnight