Saturday, September 11, 2004

Soccer Mom & Dad

Soccer has started for the kids in Lincoln, and we were all out in force early on Saturday morning. When you live in a small town (Lincoln has a population of 1500) you are not accustomed to seeing "large" groups of people on a regular basis, so I was surprised at the army of kids that assembled for Soccer.

I swear, soccer is just an excuse for parents to sit in lawn chairs and drink coffee, and for me it is the highlight of the week. As I sat there, I had an excellent view of the mountains that surround Lincoln on all sides and noted that they were all still respectably green. We are about 30 days away from the peak of leaf-watching (I refuse to use the term "peeping") season, when we will all be framed in red and gold. I will try to get to some high -point and the peak of the season and get a few pictures of the leaves in all their glory for the weblog this year.

The two whirling dervishes in red belong to Vicki and I. (One tends to "whirl" much more than the other!)