Friday, September 17, 2004

This Old Blog

For a number of months I have been talking to the producer of The New Yankee Workshop, Russell Morash, about their doing an episode of the show at our shop. Back in 1989, Lincoln Sign Company produced the original sign for The New Yankee Workshop (which is the same sign that is still being used for the show today).

Today Russ paid us a visit, toured the shop and talked to Vicki, Lee and I about signs and signmaking. We showed him all of the things we do, answered all of his question, and then he surprised us by letting us know that, if it would work for us, they would be coming to film the episode a week from Monday. We all enthusiastically agreed, and Russ let me know that he would be in touch next week, and then drove down to Concord (where they are currently filming an episode of "This Old House").

Since he left, I have basically been in "low-grade panic" mode. I grew up watching Public Television (Russ, by the way, is the person that brought us "The French Chef", "This Old House" , "The Victory Garden" and of course Norm's show) and the concept that Lincoln Sign is going to make a small contribution to that legacy is a bit much for me to comprehend right now.

I have started making a list of all the things that we are going to need to do to get ready, and have been breathing steadily into a paper bag...